My faves.

A movie? Gaby on the roof in july/ Two days in Paris
A band? Tame impala, but there are many that I listen.
A movie director? Xavier Dolan
A colour? Red.
A serie? Sex and the city
A phrase? Don't let the bastards get you down, turn it around with another round.
A dream? Be in love with someone special and live with him and a cat in some place of New york.
An addiction? Music.
One person that you admire it? Edie Sedgwick.
A profession? Filmmaker and screenwriter. 
A season? Spring.
A month? December.
A day of the week? Friday
The clothes brand of your dreams? Balmain, because any brand has the most beautiful blazers in the world, but also I love Christopher Kane and House of holland.
A wish object? Red dr martens.
A place that you wanting travel? Thailand.
A city for live? NY.
A perfume? Miss dior cherie.
A photographer? Bob Gruen.
A blog? http://vanessajackman.blogspot.com.ar/
A food? chop suey or pizza.
An actress? Eva Green
An actor? Adam Goldberg
A female singer? Regina Spektor, Cat power, Fiona Apple and Adele.
A male singer? John Lennon.
The most important thing in life? Family
A social network? Tumblr